Arty Encounters in Mexico

A mask is usually an object used to cover the face so that the wearer is not recognized. The incentive for creating masks existed since ancient times in Mexican culture. It is connected to a pre Hispanic belief and to establish a connection with Mother Nature.

Ages back Mexican culture has imbibed the art of mask making and it is a very ancient Mexican tradition. The Azztecs are believed to have started this as a religious ceremony. But later the traditions have been adopted by everyone in the world. These masks in Mexican culture are made out of wood or leather and also have animal hair attached to them along with cow horns. These masks are either painted or left natural. Sometimes they are also lacquered. (more…)

Noche de Brujas: Witches’ night

If wizards and witches are there in this world, then they need to have their homes somewhere on this Earth. Well, this March I could find this, which is the pretty coastal town of Catemaco in Mexico. It is the hub of witchcraft as well as witch-doctor profession. Although it is surely beautiful place to visit, it is at the same time very strange whose vibes are sensed much prior you actually start to enjoy in its peculiarly mythical atmosphere. Catemaco is the ‘Mexican Capital of Witchcraft’ as it is here where you can get a solution for any curse; supernatural cure looms at each step, witch hiring is common for knowing her powers, and herbal remedies spread everywhere for any of your ailments. (more…)